Monday, 29 October 2012

Goofy visits for the weekend

This post is by Holly (4).
Every so often she is allowed to bring home a Disney soft toy from Kindy. She has to then write up or draw about that toy's adventures with her. She has previously brought home Mickey but this time it was Goofy's turn. Here is some photos of Goofy's adventures with her, as told by Holly, for the Kindy Goofy Scrapbook.

We are bouncing on the trampoline.  Goofy's ear were bouncing.

We are going in my car.  I was driving super fast.

I am sitting with the potatoes.  I got these from my garden.  I had them for tea.

We are in the sandpit making a sand castle.

We are climbing up the plum tree.  We went high.

This is Kent.  He is a chiropractor.  He fixes my back.  Goofy lay on the bed too.
This is Hunter and me reading a book with Goofy
We sat on my new chairs with Goofy.  We watched TV.
Nanny and Poppa came for tea.
Goofy is sitting eating his tea too.
Me and Goofy ate lots of strawberries.  Yummy
I went to sleep with Goofy.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Making Necklaces

It's nice to get some one on one time with Phoebe. Holly went back to Kindy today and Hunter fell asleep early so Phoebe and I decided to make some necklaces.

Phoebe was lucky enough to receive a necklace making set for her birthday from my friend Susan aka Dorothy the Dinosaur (see previous post).

So Phoebe set about making a necklace for her, me and Holly. She did such a grand job and was so proud of her work. Such concentration!!
Pretty happy with her present.
Colouring in her designs for the necklaces
Concentration...she's doing such a great job.
Showing off her new necklace.
She's pretty pleased with herself and her new necklace.

A Wiggly Party...Part 2

Yesterday I posted about the prep for the Wiggles party.  In no particular order, here's shome shots from the day.
Phoebe pretty proud of being 3 on her boucny castle

Wiggling Phoebe

Big cuddles for Dorothy!

Love this Wiggles shirt.  It says "Its OK I'm with the Band". A friend got it for me from the Wiggles concert when we were unable to go.  Love it!

Hunter testing out the bouncy castle.
Pin the tail on the dinosaur.  The blind fold was a back to front Dorothy cap.
Phoebe cuddling Dorothy.  She loved patting her head.
Cake time

Pretty stoked to be with her buddy Dorothy!
Pretty pleased with the cake!
Dorothy even managed to get some kisses.  Lucky thing!
Dancing and playing their air guitars with Dorothy.
Bouncing on the castle.
Holly mid bounce!!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

A Wiggles Party...Part 1

Finally our birthday season is over for 2012. Three birthdays in about 6 weeks is hard work!
Phoebe loves the wiggles. For her birthday I managed to get us front row tickets to the Wiggles concert. Can you imagine how gutted we were when we ended up being put in quarantine by the hospital for possible measles. Obviously we were relieved when we didn't get it but gutted for poor Phoebe that we had to miss the concert!!
So I had to make this birthday extra special for her.
The bouncy castle from

I managed to find a company with a Wiggles bouncy castle. Perfect!!  On the day of the party it was pouring with rain.  I was so disappointed and even phoned the company to ask if we could cancel the castle.  Thank goodness we didn't (we would have had to pay full price anyway), because the weather changed and by the time the party started it was good!  The kids loved it.  I would definitely get a bouncy castle again.
The Dorothy Costume purchased from a great supplier I have
I also purchased a Dorothy Costume.  Yes another one to add to my collection!  My good friend Susan agreed to be Dorothy.  She was awesome.  The kids loved her....and most importantly Phoebe was so excited to see her.  It was great. 

I made the invitations so that Phoebe was a Wiggle.  She loved it. She actually thought she was there with the Wiggles so cute.

I just purchased a laminating machine...and I cant believe I haven't had one before. So everything got laminated...including my food's a selection of the snacks for the kids...


Wiggly Water

This time I went with just water bottles for the kids.  It was so much easier. And so I designed and labelled each kids Wiggly Water bottled.
Chocolate coated in butter cream
I had actually prepared a couple of games but with Dorothy and the Bouncy Castle we just ran out of time.  So we ended up only playing these with a few of the kids at the end.  The Pin the Tail on the Dorothy was a free download...which of course I laminated.  Holly was very pleased as she won!

Pin the Tail on Dorothy game available free to download from

I decorated the house with wiggle coloured balloons, wiggle posters and also a wallpaper frieze that i had managed to find on Trade Me.
Phoebe got to eat her party food in the special Dorothy Throne.  This was a swing, which was dismantled after an accident, made by Bain.  Its now just used as a chair!

I also decorated with a picture of the wiggles which I had printed.  My aim is to get this put on to a wooden block frame so Phoebe can hang it in her room.  The Mosaic Picture was created by the Wiggles.  I had to submit a photo of the kids, and along with hundreds of other photos, these were made into this mosaic.  The kids think it is awesome. The original image can be seen at

And finally, the loot.  My favourite part of organising a party is sorting out the goodies for the kids.  That's the best party of any party right??  At Hunters pirate party all the kids received inflatable pirate swords.  The same supplier I used for that I used for that also has inflatable guitars!  Perfect.  So when Dorothy arrived at the party, she gave all the kids inflatable guitars so they could play them while dancing with her.   

Avaiable from
I also made up loot bags for the kids which contained Wiggles Corn Chips, Lollies, Balloons, Poppers and lollies...the usual stuff.  For each of the kids I made I photo card from Phoebe to say thank you, and put a photo of each child as the fifth wiggle.  The kids thought it was so cool.  Facebook is great for getting all those photos!! And of course I had to whip out my new laminating machine!
The loot bags
The thank you cards from Phoebe
And of course I love to do something small for the adults.  So they all received an Annies Wiggle bar.  Which I can eat by the dozen...I love them.
I'll post another part to this party in the next day or so...this ones getting to long!