Friday, 16 November 2012

Mickey Mouse is in the House!

At Kindy today we celebrated Mickey Mouses birthday.

Holly contributed by making these amazing cupcakes! The figures aren't edible but little toys for each of the kids.

She did a grand job making the cupcakes. I helped with the "hard" parts...but it was mostly her work!

What a great day she had celebrating with a party for Mickey, a visit from Mickey himself (photos to follow...yes I was crazy enough to wear the costume) and even a bouncy castle! Great fun for all!!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Dummy Fairy - The Meeting

We have finally eliminated the dummy!  And its been really successful.  Phoebe is now 3 so we were keen to get rid of it as soon as we could.  With sickness and illness persisting we hadn't made to much of a big deal about it, but it was about time to lose it.

We had talked to her about hanging it in a tree one night for the dummy fairies to come and take away for the baby fairies and leave in return a thank you present for Phoebe.  That was all due to happen by the end of the week.  But by pure chance, a friend gave us free tickets to The Fairy Shop in Ponsonby.

What a perfect opportunity to give her dummy to a real fairy!

It was great.  I had pre-warned the fairy who was a great sport. 

Twice since there have been tears when she wanted the dummy...but these soon ended when we talked about giving it to the dummy fairy.

It was hugely successful so I am very pleased.  Now to work on Hunter!

Phoebe getting fairy dust applied
Getting ready to welcome the fairy
Checking out her fairy make up
Handing over the precious dummy
Holly and the Fairy
Phoebe and the Fairy
The magical fairy room.