Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Dancing Duet

Holly started dancing when she was 2. It was hard work finding a dance studio that took 2 year olds...but we did in the end. She loved it!

Unfortunately it all came to an end when Kindy started as there were timetable clashes.

Luckily two weeks ago I found another studio which would take both Holly and Phoebe in a session that would fit in with our schedule. The girls were so stoked.

They went along for a trial a couple of weeks ago and it was a huge success.

Today was officially their first lesson.

It was so cute watching them. A little shy at first but slowly their confidence grew. The teacher was lovely. I was so proud of them standing up in front of the other girls practicing the dance routine they had just learnt.

And they've been practicing all night at home. What would we do without iTunes to instantly get all the same songs!

I wonder how they are going to get along at their dance competition on Saturday!!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

The lead up to Easter

Another belated post sorry. Part 1 of 2 about our Easter holidays.

We made the decision not to go away this year for the Easter holidays. We had so much work to do around the house, we decided to take the opportunity to do spend the time doing that.

As the kids were missing out on a break away, I made an effort to do some special Easter activities with them.


Holly with our Easter decorations
To get in the Easter spirit we made a display on the mantel with all our Easter decorations. We gathered up twigs from the garden, placed in a vase and hung them with Easter Eggs. The girls loved hunting out all their Easter toys from last year...and anything else bunny related.

Phoebe making her Easter Bunny decoration

Holly showing off her finished product

The kids love doing crafts.  It is something we have to do while Hunter is sleeping as he loves to try and participate...which really means put everything in his mouth. 

So for Easter crafts we decorated cardboard Easter bunnies, butterflies and baskets.  The girls were so proud of their beautiful little decorations.

Holly showing off the Paper Doll

Holly with her doll....she had to make a find a little house for it too!

I am a huge Mabel Lucie Attwell fan.  Her illustrations are so gorgeous.  I found on the Internet a collection of her Easter themed paper dolls. 

The girls loved picking out the outfits for the dolls to wear which I then cut out for them.  Holly still treasures her little paper doll...although a couple of months later it is looking a little worse for wear.

Spending time with Holly

Sometimes, with having our three kids so young and close in age, it's so hard to spend one on one time with each of them.

On Friday, however, I was lucky enough to be able to take Holly by herself to a friend from Kindy's birthday party. It's so cute now she is starting to make her own little friends.

Nanny (now she is officially retired) and Poppa came over to look after the other kids while I took Holly through to the party. It was heaps of fun. Even driving through to the party by herself in the car with me Holly was so excited.

The party was at a great indoor playground called Q Rabbit. We hadn't been there before but we are very keen to go back. So many cool activities for the kids. Holly was like a kid in a candy store trying out all the games and activities.

Holly and I both enjoyed the party! I am going to make more of a conscious effort to spend one in one time with the kids. And we will definitely be going back to Q Rabbit.

No fear
Enjoying her popsicle
Swinging around on the ball tree
In the ball pit with her buddies
Party time
Holly Bolly

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Getting Our Health Back on Track

Its been hard over the last year with all the ill health the children and Bain have suffered, particularly Phoebe and Bain with pneumonia last year.

But our recent goal has been for us to try and get back on track.  We are getting there slowly.

I stated off with getting some chiropractor care after Hunter was born.  I found it made such a difference to my general well being as well as relieving the pain in my back and getting the hearing back in my left ear!! 

After much pressure, I encouraged Bain to come along.  He also had great results.  Needless to say Phoebe and Holly now also come along each week.  Hunters turn next week too!

The girls love going.  Phoebe was so traumatised after she went to hospital with all the poking and prodding that for months afterwards she would have a major meltdown every time she went near a doctor.  Since, going to the chiropractor every week this has now changed...she looks forward to doctors visits.

Its made such a difference to our families overall general health it has been a huge success.

Phoebe giving her instructions to the chiropractor

Phoebe getting ready for her adjustment

Phoebe being adjusted.

As part of our own going heath changes we have today just had our antioxidant levels read by the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner. The results were so interesting.

Phoebe:  43,000
Holly: 30,000
Bain: 23,000
Summer: 23,000

The aim is to have a reading of above 50,000.  So over the next two months we are working on getting those levels up.  I'll keep you posted as to how we get on at our next scan in 2 months!

There is more information about the scanner here on Dr OZ...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QerPwoLVTIk